Opportunities for Masters and PhD to join our group will be listed below as they open.

Master (M1 or M2): A master’s project is the ideal place to start working with me, and can turn into a PhD.

PhD:  A master project can turn into PhD and any opening in my group will be posted here.

If you are interested in any of the two check out our research or contact me!

PhD funding to join us

There are several resources where you can find funding for a PhD program, some of which I list here. There is no PhD opening in my group at this point, but you might find it interesting to check these sites:

  • The ADUM website is one of the central sites to find funding and PhD offers.
  • LANEF also offers three year PhD Programs to support PhD training of excellent students (deadlines: fall and spring).
  • Check also these L´Oreal fellowships for women in science.

Postdoc funding to join us

We are hiring! The SCHINES collaboration is looking for a theory postdoc!

To get an idea of the profile we are looking, check the recent articles by our current SCHINES postdoc Serguei Tchoumakov

More info and application’s here

Deadline: December 10th 2021

  • Marie Curie Fellowships: These yearly individual fellowships come in two varieties, i) Global (2+1 years, with outgoing and return phases) and ii) European (2 years in a member country). I welcome applications to host researchers within the Néel Institute. I am happy to aid interested applicants. Please contact me if you are interested in applying.
  • Check also these L´Oreal fellowships for women in science