Research Lines

Mind map of some of our current research

We are interested in all realms of theoretical physics, and our current research is sketched above. It involves non-linear responses of topological phases, anomalies in quantum field theory and their realization in condensed matter, and the dynamics of topological strongly correlated matter.

Our main research lines are

  • Amorphous topological matter
  • Topological effects in non-linear optics
  • Dynamics and correlations including non-hermitian systems
  • Design of improved devices for neuromorphic architectures (see SCHINES project)

and we have other side projects including

  • Dualities in quantum field theories
  • New design principles for light dark-matter detector
  • New phases in active matter

We use analytical or semi-analytical methods (e.g. quantum field theory, Boltzmann equation, Kubo or tight binding modeling) as well as numerical methods (e.g. Density Matrix Renormalization Group).

To get an idea of my past research you can check my arXiv or Google scholar. I sometimes work on projects that are very related to experiment (like this one) but some are further apart (like this one). Some are more numerical (like this one) and some more analytical (like this one), but most are somewhere in between. I like the concept of Friday physics, where one explores slightly more exotic ideas, or fields that you wouldn’t normally explore. Some consequences of Friday ideas are this work and this work.

If you are interested in neuromporphic computing check out our SCHINES project with IBM in Zurich and the Max Planck Institute for the Physics and Chemistry of Solids, in Dresden. We are studying the potential of Weyl semimetals to solve connectivity problems with these technologies.